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Doomsday dating couplePlanning for an end of the world situation or WTSHTF is a lot of work! It takes an incredible amount of time, money and patience – and not everyone is cut out for this type of lifestyle. You need someone who gets it–gets YOU–to plan with, live with and love. Most dating sites don’t offer this specific a lifestyle choice, but as a prepper, you understand that time is a precious commodity…and who has the time to date the wrong person?

Enter Doomsday Dating

Doomsday Dating is where you can find someone who is into the same lifestyle as you are. Find your soul mate to help pack your bug-out bags, coordinate weapons training, collect food, store water and maybe even re-populate the world!

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How to Get Started:

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Who is This Site For?

This site is for people who are preparing for a natural disaster or other type of emergency situation where you would need to live off the things you have stored or created for yourself. This could include having to protect your home from violent looters or marauders, isolating yourself from a diseased or infected society, or even having to start life all over from an apocalyptic event. In any case, don’t face the end of the world alone…find a fellow survivalist or “prepper” on DoomsdayDating.com