Urban Prepping: How To Be A Survivalist in An Apartment

Prepping websites are always promoting the idea of heading out to the mountains or woods to a cabin or bunker stored with a year’s supply food, water and entertainment. Sounds great, but it’s not just realistic for everybody. What about those of us making just enough to make monthly rent–what are we supposed to do if we just don’t have the cash to plan big?

Worry not apartment dwellers, you’ll still get by if you plan, even on a tight budget. As an urban prepper, the first thing you should keep in mind is that all your basic needs are dependent on city pumps (water), grocery stores (food), power companies (heat, light, cooking and sanitation). The systems that deliver your daily necessities are heavily interconnected, and the absence of one causes everything to shutdown. Understanding your relationship with these systems allow you to make better preparation plans.

Stocking up on supplies might be more restrictive on your budget, but with proper organization and planning, you will be able to stock provisions good for several months, at least for the length of time you’re planning on staying. First on the list is water. Since water takes up a lot of room and is heavy, storing a small supply and resupplying it later on will save you space. Use anything from a five gallon food grade container, thirty gallon trash cans, to your bath tub. Remember to cover the water to prevent contamination and have a good water filter on hand.

Doomsday Dating Apartment Survival 2For food, you might want to get an assortment of instant foods that don’t require any sort of cooking,like packages of ramen noodles, canned vegetables, cornmeal, oatmeal, mash potato flakes, powdered milk, canned tuna and sardines. If you can, get a few MREs (Meals-Ready-to-Eat). These are great as they take little space and are nutritionally balanced, and actually taste good. Don’t forget to add in some whole foods like rice and beans.

Stay warm without a dependable heat source with snow jackets and a good quality cold weather sleeping bag. Throw in some muffs, mittens and ski masks as well, just in case. A propane stove can also provide heat, at least while you’re cooking your food. You’re good to go with a single burner unit, but if you budget it, got for a double unit. Stock at least one pound propane canister for each week of your planned stay.

Doomsday Dating Apartment Survival 3For lighting, a hand crank LED light should do it for you. Also a box full of 100 hours liquid paraffin candle can do the trick. One candle is able to provide you light for as much as an entire month — 3 hours a night, that is. By your stove and candles, keep a large box of waterproof matches and cigarette lighter.

Proper sanitation is another problem that you will be facing because the plumbing system in apartment buildings depend on power to operate. A portable toilet with disposable linings will help you maintain your apartment hygienic, clean and odor free. Also, hoard toilet paper–lots of it. Aside from using it on basic sanitation, it can also be used as tinder.

Apartment dwellers, breathe easier! Even with a limited space, you can still stock food, water, fuel, heat sources, and sanitation equipment that will last for several months. And surviving through the SHTF inside the four corners of your flat can give you the feeling of comfort – like a home court advantage.